Steve Ogle | The Work
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Over the last few years I’ve worked on projects that ranged from live broadcast sports to corporate marketing videos to international documentaries.

Here’s a brief sampling:


Broadcast Sports:


Broadcast Series: (Samples on Request)

  • “We The Jury”:    Director/Producer. Nationally Syndicated.
  • “State Police”:    Director/Camera. Nationally Syndicated.
  • “Smart Gardening”:   Studio Director/Production Manager. PBS
  • “Nanna’s Cottage”:    Production Manager/1st A.D. Nationally Syndicated.




Corporate: (Samples on Request)

  • Monaco Coach:   Producer/Director/Camera.   Various Marketing/Instructional Projects.
  • Sony Disc Manufacturing:   Director/Camera.   Various Marketing Projects.
  • Timber Products Co.:   Producer/Director/Camera.   Various Marketing Projects.
  • Georgia-Pacific Corp.:   Producer/Director/Camera/Editor.   Various Sales/Marketing/Instructional Projects.
  • University of Oregon School of Business:   Producer/Director/Camera.   Various Video Marketing Projects.


Web/Live Event:


Feature Film: