Steve Ogle | Steve Who?
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So, Who Is Steve Ogle And Why Would I Want To Work With Him?

A Few Things About Me:

I’ve been in the television production and management world for the better part of the last 3 decades. I’ve worked in every corner of the globe, and I’ve never failed to deliver, even under some pretty tense circumstances.

Whether it’s a corporate webcast from a hotel ballroom, snowboarding with Shaun White in the back country of Japan or documenting Steve Fisher running rapids on the Zambezi River, I’ve worked with some of the highest profile personalities and companies on the planet, and pride myself in getting the job done regardless of the challenges.

On the job I tend to be calm, flexible and collaborative. I always have an opinion or point of view but I’m not afraid to consider others as well.

I’m well traveled, resourceful, and not generally prone to panic when things get weird. I’ve worked on projects in all 50 states and 4 out of 7 continents. Among many (many) other things I’ve: Bribed my crew and equipment past automatic weapons carrying airport security in Africa, had live satellite links go down minutes before airtime and hot wired a faulty helicopter camera mount to a battery from a ’71 Chevy Nova on the Zambezi River.

I’m comfortable with a large budget and creative with a small one (although ANY budget tends to benefit from a little creativity). As an example, the Burton U.S. Open of Snowboarding” has a production crew of over 75, three 50′ mobile production trucks, a satellite uplink, 7 edit bays, 6 hours of live international and FOX Sports programming, 4 post produced packaged programs for later airing, 2 “studio” sets, 4 full days of live webcast with it’s own crew, and multiple Jumbotron feeds (also with it’s own crew).

On the flipside, production of “The Desk” had a production crew of 3 and no budget to speak of which made it a fantastic creative and logistical challenge. Plus it was a lot of fun blowing up the hero prop at the end.